tutu skirt for little girls

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Knitted fabric for linning, more comfortable. Adjustable waist, knitted fabric, more wrinkly and soft.

The fabric is anti-wrinkle, after you get the goods, Pls kindly hang for a while and it will resume to fluffy and flat soon.

The skirt was made via 2 layers of tulle and 1 layer of lining. The fabric of the skirt is nylon which is soft and fluffy.

Size as below: (cm)

XS/ (12 Mo) Waist 42-68, Length 22, Suggest for 75-90

S / (2-3 Ys) Waist 46-76, Length 25, Suggest for 100-110

M / (4-5 Ys) Waist 50-84, Length 28, Suggest for 120-130

L / (6-8 Ys) Waist 54-92, Length 30, Suggest for 130-140