sleeping nest for newborns

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The comfortable design of the bed guarantees a safe sleep for your child and makes it easy to take care of them at any time. Imitating the bionic design of the uterus allows the baby to enjoy deeper sleep while reducing the frequency of holding and holding the baby.

Suitable for sleeping: suitable for all baby beds, pegs, and beds, designed to prevent babies from falling on the bed circumference. Special function: during infancy, the pillow can support children when they sit to feel safe and comfortable. Other features: when they grow up a little, children can stick to the pillow while sleeping, playing, or listening to stories. Our baby nest, made of soft materials, allows your baby to feel warm and comfortable. It also gives the impression of space restrictions, so the child feels safe, as in the mother.

Specifications: Item

Type: Baby bed for sleeping

Material: cotton

Size: approx. 50x90x15cm / 19. 69x35. 43x5. 91in