Portable sterilizer for baby nipples and bottles

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Don't you hate it when there is no way to sterilize the bottle or pacifier when traveling? 

No fear now just 6 minutes your bottle or pacifier can be germ-free

UV rays will kill 99% of the harmful germs keeping your baby safe and healthy.  A large opening can be used for various items, not just bottles,  spoon, forks, toothbrushes, phones, combs,  keys, earphones, toys, etc.


  • EFFECTIVE STERILIZATION Intense ultraviolet light and Ozone released by the built-in UV lamp and microcomputer system can sterilize bottles in 6 minutes, not only the surface but also every corner of the items will be sterilized.                
  • 2-IN-1 ADJUSTABLE DESIGN The portable UV sterilizers have 2 sizes, large capacity can sterilize the bottle, soup spoon, toy; And the small size can sterilize pacifier, nipple, sippy spout. The max diameter of the sterilizer is 3.4".                   
  • ONE BUTTON CONTROL 2 * AAA battery driver (not included), put items in, close the lid tightly, press the top button until the led indicator turns red. The sterilizer will automatically switch off after finishing disinfection in 6 minutes.      
  • PORTABLE DESIGН Hidden ear hook, easy to take the UV sterilizer along with you wherever you go. Keep baby bottles, makeup brushes, toothbrushes, earphones, small toys, keys, sunglasses, etc sterile where you are.