Night light starry sky

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Why do you need this night light?

 Soft lamp, accompanying baby sleep, let the baby not be afraid of the night

Relaxing sleep music, musical hypnosis, soothing baby, a good partner for parents

create a romantic atmosphere. Romantic starry sky projector, flicker, flicker, small star

1: musical hypnosis; lamp; the sound of animals; Play recording
2: turn on / off-color
Three colors, four modes
Click on the top to change the mode (blue, red, green, multi-colored)
3: 4 music modes to switch as desired
Mode 1: animal sound
(Seagull, frog, bird, Twilight forest, dragonfly, village)
Mode 2: Natural Sound
(Stream, river, rain, wind, waves, thunder, waterfall)
Mode 3: piano music
Mode 4: Lullaby