Milk Bottle Warmer USB

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Are you worried that your baby's cold milk is not good for the stomach?

- Now we can provide you with a bottle heated cover so that your baby can drink warm milk, you can also drink while heating.

- It's very convenient for you when you go outside with your baby to walk, shopping, or travel.

Keep Warm

This warm bottle bag is mainly used for carrying baby outdoor in the winter. Use a USB charging port, support power bank charging. Before mum goes out, pls first to dissolve milk powder with the baby bottle, then put the milk bottle into the bag. Link the power bank, let the warm bottle bag start heating. Maintain the bottle temperature. When the baby needs to drink milk, just open the bag and drink.

  • Constant Temperature
  • Support USB & Power Bank
  • Convenience
  • delivery 15-24 days
  • Return within 15 days

- It can be inserted into the 2A - 5V USB for constant temperature. Multi-layer material combination. When it is not charged, it can achieve constant temperature for two hours.