Baby feeding bottle

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The bottle body is 45 degrees arc-shaped according to the ergonomics. It is easy to hold and easy to take. The mother can conveniently control the breastfeeding posture and bring a new experience of bottle feeding for the baby. 2 conversion ports, so that the baby can use it to suck milk and drink water. 2-in-1 design

It features a wide mouth with a caliber of 44MM, which makes it easy to pour milk powder and easy to clean; it features an environmentally friendly ink decal scale, which is safe, healthy and has a sense of design.

The pacifier is made of food-grade silicone material, features breast nursing texture, anti-bloating design, and thread design. It is free to bend and stretch, is conducive to the baby's oral development
The bear-shaped silicone cover uses food-grade silicone material, which is safe and BPA-free. It can effectively prevent falling and explosion, but also keep the milk warm, especially suitable for autumn and winter. While its cute shape can especially attract the baby's attention, exercise your baby's intellectual development and make your baby fall in love with the bottle.