First of all, in January you need to learn how to take responsibility. YAN in the word “January” obliges to build up the leader’s energies, take an active life position, and learn to make decisions independently in difficult circumstances.

If a January baby is born in the family, this means that the baby should not grow up alone. It is good if there are brothers or sisters in the family, preferably without a big age difference. If this is not possible, communication with cousins ​​(cousins), peers is welcome. As they grow older, those born in January should become a link between their relatives, close people, and childhood friends.

January is often restrained, stingy with emotions. They should learn to openly express their feelings - to cry, if sad, to be able to say “no”, even if it’s uncomfortable, to show that they’re dissatisfied, even if you think that anger is ugly. January are afraid to lose control. If this happens, they feel extremely uncomfortable. You need to try to let go of the situation, rely on the will of chance. Not all things are subject to us, and sometimes it is better to believe intuition, not logic. This is not always clear for January, and they, being rationalists by nature, often make fun of this approach.

Parents of January children are encouraged from an early age to cultivate a love of order, discipline, to explain what the word "must." If you start to accustom to this from childhood, there will be no problems. January kids usually love the rules, try to follow them as an interesting game. They quickly grasp and learn to organize the space and objects around them, this is their superpower. But if you do not direct them from childhood, do not teach the basics, the qualities of January go into their negative manifestations, and you will have to deal with laziness, stubbornness, lateness, chronic reluctance to make efforts.

A very interesting point is that you can make a child do something only by showing it with his own example. You can say daily that you need to brush your teeth and make the bed, but if you do not do it yourself, neither persuasion nor punishment will help. That is, the appearance of a January child in the family indirectly indicates to his parents that they should try to organize their lives, enter a sleep and nutrition regimen, plan, keep a daily log, write to-do lists, keep track of the money spent, be able to use their time as efficiently and rationally as possible living space. And your January baby came to help you with this. But in order to teach him order and punctuality, parents must first have such skills themselves, and then the child will learn from your experience easily and naturally.


 As you probably already understood, this interpretation implies that every person has a SOUL, an immortal particle of higher energies, which is in a cycle of incarnations on planet Earth in a dense, solid shell. And even if you are not a supporter of this hypothesis, I propose to temporarily assume that this may be true, to show interest in the researcher and compare what is written below with your life experience.